John Trafford Metal Spinners

Ash Urns

Cremation Urns

baby urn height 90mm dia 118mmcapacity 1 litre

500ml Baby Urn, Height 90mm, Diameter 118mm.

standard urn height 200mm dia.170mm capacity 3 litre

3 Litre Standard Urn, Height 200mm, Diameter 170mm.

Child urn height 185mm dia. 155mm

2 Litre Child Urn, Height 185mm, Diameter 155mm.

4 litre urn height 235mm dia.170mm

3.5 Litre Urn, Height 235mm, Diameter 170mm.

Our cremation urns are available in various sizes and colours.

Ash Scatterers

copper scatterer top loader height 210mm dia. 210mm capacity 5.68 litre

Copper Ash Scatter Top Loader, Height 210mm, Diameter 210mm, 5.68 Litre,

Ash Scatterer Bottom Loader

Ash Scatterer Bottom Loader, Height 210mm, Diameter 210mm, 5.68 Litre.

Ali Scatterer

Aluminum Ash Scatterer, Bottom & Top Loader Available, Height 210mm, Diameter 210mm, 5.68 Litre.

child scatterer height 175mm dia.140mm capacity 2litre

Child Scatterer, Height 175mm,Diameter 140mm, 2 Litre.

Our ash scatterers are manufactured from copper or aluminium; the latter having either a natural or textured paint finish, in antique gold or antique bronze.

Our ash scatterers are robustly built and individually packed.

Our ash scatterers will provide many years of service.

We guarantee our quality, if you are not happy with the workmanship or quality or our product we will replace it.

We want you to have confidence in all our products.